Our second barefoot


Reviewed by: Greg from Culpepper, VA
January 10th, 2021
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot Spas 57LP Review
Our second barefoot
On our second barefoot spa now. We upgraded to the 2021 57LP from an older 2 person barefoot. We were hoping for at least the equivalent in quality, but we got so much more with this upgrade. It was hard to believe it could really get any better, but it did. The way we are now able to customize the therapy with removable jets, and more variety in the jet styles is also nice. The added “spinner jets” that give a percussion massage is fantastic.

Probably even more importantly, in our new spa, and new ozonator with UV, we do not use ANY chemicals! We were not using much in our old one, but with this upgrade we have now completely removed the use of chlorine, and all we use monthly is a balancer for PH, and a filter replacement every 6 months! Even with just using the minimal amount of chlorine levels in our old one, my wife’s skin would still get irritated. I am happy to say we do not have that problem anymore, and she is able to enjoy the therapy with no caveats, and no need for a shower afterwards.

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