Spa Delivery


Reviewed by: Rob from San Bernardino, CA
December 26th, 2019
Rating: 3.0
Barefoot Spas 57LP Review
Spa Delivery

I am a first time owner for Barefoot spas. I have a two person 57LP. Perfect for me. I can tell Barefoot spas stands by their products as I had one issue with the filter and they took care of me right away.

Only problem was the guy that delivered it didn’t have any help, so I ended up having to pitch in. I’m fine with lifting and what not, but I shouldn’t have to do this, and risk getting pulling my back when I paid money. It would’ve been much better if he had at least one other person with him, but I guess thats not on Barefoot spas. Thats on the delivery guy who I think was a sub contractor anyways.

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