Barefoot spa Customer service


Reviewed by: Neil from Vista, CA
April 30th, 2020
Rating: 2.0
Barefoot Spas 77NM Review
Barefoot spa Customer service

Barefoot spas customer service and shipping department is horrible. I got my spa delivered to my house on time but they forgot my steps I paid in full for. I have no way of getting in to my spa. I was using a mop bucket. If I fall down because of this, I am going to complain everywhere I can on the internet. They FINALLY shipped my steps yesterday. They will arrive in 3 days. I live in California, and they shipped them all the way from Virginia? Don’t you have a distribution center near me like Amazon? I’m fed up. I shouldn’t have to wait this long. My steps were supposed to come with my spa on shipment. It even had them included on the receipt, and there was no note about a back order. It took them an ENTIRE 24 HOURS to ship my steps after I called and complained. Not acceptable!

I saved up for this barefoot spa for over a year, and having a hot tub was highly anticipated to help relieve my back pain. Getting in and out using a mop bucket is not what I had in mind. The spa, when I’m in the water, makes my back feel amazing, but getting out and having to balance on a damn bucket, and crunch down like I’m doing some kind of a yoga pose completely throws my back out again!!! WHERE ARE MY STEPS???????

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