My review of barefoot spa 88Np hot tub


Reviewed by: Tracy from Summerville, SC
January 15, 2020
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot Spas 88NP Review
My review of barefoot spa 88Np hot tub

My old hot tub had a lay down lounge seat and I floated right out of it. This time I convinced my husband to get one without the lounge seat. The 88np has all bucket style seating and it is LOADED with jets in all the right places.

We are hot tub people. We both have back issues and regular aches an pains. We aren’t getting any younger, and being without a hot tub in our new house was not an option!

What we like most about the barefoot spa 88np is comfort and the jet placement; particularly on the upper shoulders and neck area. two of the seats have jets underneath the cushions where your head goes. The jets shoot straight down on top of your shoulders. I carry a lot of tension in that area, and let me tell you, after a long day, this is pure bliss!

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10 thoughts on “My review of barefoot spa 88Np hot tub

  1. My wife complains… or comments… about the same thing. She floats in hot tubs. So you don’t float at all in yours? Trying to get us a new hot tub and I really like the lounge though for myself. Does your barefoot spa 88NP have jets for legs and feet? Thanks for the advice!

  2. My barefoot spas 88NP has leg jets and foot jets. I think theres like 8 of them total where you can stretch your legs out and massage the bottom of your feet. The foot jets are really strong and they feel amazing!

  3. Thank you Tracy. I was just wondering if you float at all in yours… My wife and I are looking at the barefoot spas 88NP as well, but she’s really worried about the whole floating thing that happens. Our last one had the lounge and when we turned on the jets, she would have to hang in for dear life!

  4. I float out of the lounge, and trust me, it’s not fun… The old one we had was a hot spring spa I think or hot spot or something. Anyway, we don’t like the lounge seats in hot tubs. I don’t recommend it.

  5. I heard something about how they have the “no float” lounge seats now in hot tubs. Ever heard of that? I never floated, just my wife. I actually like the lounge. I mean, I float a little bit, but I don’t have to hang on like she used to when we turned the jets on…

  6. So yeah, I got another one with the lounge. It’s a barefoot, but not a barefoot spas 88NP. We got the 88LP. Anyway, my point was the barefoot sales rep told me about this other lounge called “no float”. He says it has more of a contour for hips, then your legs go down instead of straight out, so that keeps people from floating out and your legs act as a sort of anchor? I don’t know. I didn’t see one on display. He was just telling us about it.

    My wife only BARELY floats in our 88LP. So I guess they changed something in hot tubs because she used to float up too much in our old one with the lounge. Good luck!

  7. I bought the barefoot spas 88NP and I got some clarification on this. The no floor lounge you speak of does exist, but tis only on one of the spas they make or something like that. Its a smaller one. The 88NP by the way, is fantastic!!

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