Upgraded plug and play to 220v


Reviewed by: James and Samantha from Lexington, VA
October 30th, 2019
Rating: 4.5
Barefoot Spas 77LB Review
Upgraded plug and play to 220v

Our Barefoot Spa has added a lot of value to our home and the outdoor space of our rental property. We do rent A LOT through AIRbnb. We’ve been able to increase rates across the board by featuring the spa on our listings with the LED lights going at night. I will upload picture.

My only issue was with the power connection. We bought the Barefoot 77LB because it was advertised at plug and play. Meaning we could hook it up like our old one with a regular plug and outlet. That is how we had it running at first, but that turned out to be inadequate for our guests. The complaint was, the water was nice and hot at first, but when you turn on the jets at full speed the heater cuts off, and the water cools down pretty fast. Kind of defeats the purpose of a HOT tub!

Our rental property is in the mountains and it gets quite cold. Long story short, we ended up upgrading the connection to 220v. Normally not an issue, but there wasn’t enough power in the breaker box for that (very old house/cabin), so we had to upgrade the service. This was an unexpected cost of $1,800!

After reading online, a lot of people have had the same problem with plug and play hot tubs. Expert articles I read also said even if the spa is plug and play to make sure it is “convertible” to 220v. Luckily our Barefoot Spa is convertible, so thats what we did, but we wish we would’ve known this going in so we could budget accordingly. Now that its set up right, our guests love it!

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