Even easier to take care of than my old Barefoot Spa


Reviewed by: Thomas from Columbia, Missouri
October 24, 2016
Rating: 4.5
Barefoot Spas PR5


The cost to operate it is reasonable
I purchased my first Barefoot Spa in 2003. I treated it like it was my best friend, because it was my best friend. I took care of it, and did all the necessary maintenance. Then, I moved to Missouri, and had to give up my spa when I sold my old house.

I liked it so much I purchased my second barefoot spa a few years ago, and its even better than my first one. I got the smaller model PR5. The jets are amazing on my legs, and the recliner seat is the perfect size for me. I had it now for years, and the best part is it’s even easier to take care of now due to the new ozone system I got on it. Barely have to use any chlorine!

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