Out with one Barefoot spa in with another


Reviewed by: Jeff and Cindy from Akron, OH
July 1st, 2019
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot Spas 88NP Review
Out with one Barefoot spa in with another

We replaced a Barefoot Spa with another Barefoot. We had the original one for 13 years, and we loved it, but it was starting to get a little outdated and the motor went out. We weren’t even really planning on going Barefoot spa again, but we were in the market and they had this expo show thing at the convention center and we just happened to find another Barefoot we really like in the 88NP model. This was major upgrade form the one we had (not sure of the model name). The foot massage is fantastic. My husband loves the jets that hit his shoulders. He has neck/shoulder problems. He loves it, and I love it too.

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