Pure relaxation at its finest


Reviewed by: Bruce from Hialeah, FL
May 4th, 2021
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot Spas 57LP Review
Pure relaxation at its finest

We went with the Barefoot Spa 57lp two person spa because of its small size and our small amount of available space on the patio. The point is, we were hesitant to get a hot tub at this house because the small hot tubs we saw were just “not enough”; lack of jet count, no power behind the jets, uncomfortable, and so on.

We could tell as soon as we hooked it up, the 57lp is no joke in terms of power! We actually get STRONGER jets out of this compared to our old one which was twice the size! The hot tub boasts a very high jet count for it’s size, and the level of comfort is incredible. It has a lounge chase seat, and it has a seat with neck jets on it. This is a feature we did not see in any other small hot tubs, and its hard to find in big hot tubs as well. It feels amazing on my neck and shoulders. Pure relaxation at its finest!

We are very happy we decided to go with this brand, and this size. Our first hot tub was much larger, and while we thought we would do entertaining, etc, we really didn’t. Most of the time it was just me, or my wife and I. It didn’t take long to realize spending the money on a huge hot tub just wasn’t worth it. The 57lp is just right, and fits the two of us perfectly. Thank you barefoot spas for making a high quality, and superior product in such a compact design!

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