Very happy with Barefoot. Can’t say the same for the


Reviewed by: Madison from Augusta, GA
June 2nd, 2021
Rating: 4.5
Barefoot Spas 57LP Review
Very happy with Barefoot. Can’t say the same for the
Very happy with Barefoot. Can’t say the same for the old company we dealt with (I will not mention the name), but they were god awful horrible to work with. Didn’t answer the phone, didn’t seam to care about our problems. It took MONTHS to get repair work, etc.

An improvement from that experience, really doesn’t say much, but needless to say, we are happy with not only the barefoot spas customer service, but the hot tub itself.

We have owned it now for 2 years. Only one minor problem that was resolved quickly. We also get calls from time to time by our salesman Johnathan (I think that’s his name). He “checks in” on us. He also, without fail, every time, asks us if we know anyone else looking for a hot tub LOL. I cant argue with that. I know the guy is just doing his job and trying to earn more business, but the last time I spoke to him I had to tell him to stop calling me for “check ins”. My husband gave me this evil look like I was being rude, but seriously, I don’t want to be hounded and have someone call me all the time trying to get me to call my friends and family and help him sell hot tubs.

All that being said, he was actually really helpful wen we bought the spa, and afterwards, when we had an issue, he helped facilitate getting it resolved. So not all bad, and I may actually refer a friend to him because he was actually super helpful. No pressure at time of sale, and lots of support after, not only from him, but also form the customer service department.

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One thought on “Very happy with Barefoot. Can’t say the same for the

  1. So wait… You’re upset because the salesperson keeps reaching out to you? I can see how that can be a little annoying, but still, could be a lot worse right? I’m having problems with some appliances I bought last year. Sure wish the salesman (or anyone from the company) would call me back! With Barefoot Spas, I haven’t had any problems. Then again, the salesman doesn’t call me every day either! You’ve got an interesting situation on your hands there for sure, but I think you should feel lucky there is at least some communication, and your issue with your hot tub did get resolved right?

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