Barefoot spa warranty not covered


Reviewed by: Kevin from Greensboro, NC
November 14th, 2019
Rating: 3.5
Barefoot Spas 77LP Review
Barefoot spa warranty not covered

We had our Barefoot spa for 3 years and no problems. We bought it in 2016. We lived up in the mountains and we moved since then. Reason we went with barefoot spa is we didnt have a lot of options living in the rural area. The spa show was at the armory. We got the barefoot spa there and delivered from there. When we moved here to Greensboro, we hired a hot tub mover to help us because we like it and didn’t want to buy another one. That went well, and we’re happy we decided to keep it. Only thing I recommend is to hire a professional for the electrical connections. This is something I thought I could do myself the second time, but I didn’t do it right which led to a short in the circuit board and blew a fuse. Barefoot spa customer service helped me diagnose the problem (which was me), so it was not covered under warranty. They did help me find the part I need, and show me how to put it in myself. That was pretty easy. I was upset at the time about it not being covered under barefoot spa warranty and that was my main complaint about barefoot spas, but I understand it was my fault so I can see why they did it that way. None the less, the customer service rep I talked to a few times was really helpful and he’s been really good at getting back to me with questions etc. In the end, we were without our spa hooked up for a little over a month… Wish I could go back in time and tell myself to spend the $250 on an electrician! Even though I understand what not to do, I’m still never doing that myself again especially if the spa isn’t covered under warranty unless you have proof of professional install.

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