Delivery of my hot tub handled professionally by barefoot spas


Reviewed by: Henry from Johnstown, PA
March 6th, 2020
Rating: 4.5
Barefoot Spas 77LP Review
Delivery of my hot tub handled professionally by barefoot spas

I recently purchased a 77LP from Barefoot Spas. I wanted to write a review because my experience was mostly good. We did have a small problem with the delivery of the 7 foot wide hot tub to my deck in my backyard, but they got it resolved quickly. It wasn’t really an issue. The team that delivered it was able to figure it out without having to remove the deck railing. At first, they asked me to remove it, but I have no idea how to do that. To my surprise, they said “no problem”, and like I said, they figured out another way to make it happen. They actually tilted the hot tub up on its side to better maneuver the hot tub up the steps. I was very impressed, and they made this process look easy.

I told them I considered buying a hot tub online, and they laughed. I can see why now. They said when you buy online, they ship it to you, and they drop it at the end of your driveway. I don’t know how I would’ve moved it all that way myself. My neighbors would’ve seen it sitting there for days, maybe forever!!

My only complaint about the whole process was is it did take them a bit longer than they said it would to actually get the hot tub exactly where I wanted it. They were here for almost 3 hours, but I don’t care because “I would rather have a job done right the first time.” Those were actually his exact words 🙂

Now that I’ve used the hot tub a few times, I can tell you that it is of course AMAZING, and the delivery was, as you can tell, on point, and handled professionally as promised.

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