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Reviewed by: Oscar from Dover, DE
October 12th, 2020
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot Spas 77NM Review
Right on time!
The hot tub we purchased from barefoot spas was right on time. We enjoyed our above ground pool for 5 or 6 years until this summer and……. it broke! It actually developed a tear and completely flooded our entire yard! Many moments of panic that day… The bright side is when we met barefoot spas. The week following our extreme disappointment of a demolished pool we were desperate to find a way to keep the kids (and my wife and I) entertained during quarantine. It was then when we saw an commercial for barefoot spas doing a big sale at the fairgrounds area. With nothing else to do, of course we went!

The purchase went well with only minor issues that got resolved quickly. The hot tub is fantastic. We actually like it better than the pool even though it is much smaller, the hot water and the massage streams from the jets leave nothing to be desired.

We have an in-ground swimming pool and we go to Discount Pool to buy our swimming pool supplies and where they also sell Marquis Spas. We already had a hot tub that was several years old and we gave it to my nephew, then we bought a new spa there. My husband picked Marquis because it has a lot of jets for his back. We paid Discount Pool to install it and they did it all for us so we didn’t have any problems. Having the spa now, my husband uses it all the time and he loves it. We’ve had two other kinds of spa, and this has been his favorite.

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