Very high end, well built hot tub


Reviewed by: Matthew from Clarksville, TN
August 7th, 2020
Rating: 5.0
Barefoot Spas 88LM Review
Very high end, well built hot tub

Let me start by saying before my Barefoot spa, we owned 3 other hot tubs. We are hot tub lovers. We’ve had them in every house we’ve ever owned, and it quickly became not just a luxury, but a necessity for us and our needs. Stress relief is a must. My wife and I both work in high pressure jobs. In addition to that benefit, she has back pains and inflammation that she treats on almost a daily basis with the hot water and massage and those type of benefits.

So you know we are hot tub people… thats obvious, but we haven’t always gone the easy route in terms of quality. The first two we owned were garbage. Paid a pretty penny for both. Yes, they were a little cheaper, but the first one, which was more of a entry level type hot tub with one pump and not a lot of jets, I still paid 7k. The second one wasn’t much better and about the same price. The third was a hot spring spa. We enjoyed that and it fit our needs for years, but we paid almost twice as much for it.

It wasn’t until we got our barefoot spa that we realized what we really wanted. We realized just how easy it can and should be to own a hot tub. The technology has come a long way over the years. The barefoot has CLOSE to no maintenance requirements thanks to the extremely powerful ozonator system we got as an upgrade. I hardly put any chemicals in the water. This is night and day compared to the previous models we owned. Huge difference! So much less headache involved. All we do is clean out the filter and throw a little chlorine shock in from time to time. The ozonator does the rest…

The construction and integrity of the spa is also very very high quality. The shell is thick. I’m not sure how many layers of fiberglass they use to put on the frame, but it’s a lot. I feel like I could push the spa off my deck and it would still work. Can’t say that about the others we’ve owned. My hot spring spa had problems after just 3 years of ownership. It developed a blister and a crack in one of the seats. I seriously doubt that will happen with my barefoot spa. And here’s the best part; I actually paid a lot less for it! Can’t beat that!

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